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December at Achieve! Fitness Center


Pre-New Year’s Resolutions Special

Why wait for January when you can start today?  Give yourself an early Christmas Present and get an early NOW!

First Month of any 6 or 12 Month Membership for only $20.18 – includes Start Up Fees!  This is a limited time offer and will not be available in January.  Get started today, before this offer expires December 15 Available online or at the Fitness Center.

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 The Perfect Gift – Personal Training 4-Pack

Save 15% on Personal Training 4-Packs for individuals or groups of two. Offer valid now through December 24!

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Inspiring your fitness goals…

One Lift, One Bite, One Step at a time!

Achieve! Fitness Center is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for anyone eager to achieve their fitness goals. We understand that success takes work, both in the gym and at the dinner table.  Our personal service will help you achieve your goals in a comfortable, friendly environment.

One Lift.

Achieve! Fitness Center has a variety of free weights and circuit training equipment to help with your strength and conditioning goals, One Lift at a time!


One Bite.

Nutrition- 70% to 80% of the fitness battle, One Bite at a time!  Our Personal Trainer can provide the help you need to get started!

Achieve! Fitness Center

One Step.

Achieve! Fitness Center has a variety of cardio equipment to help with your conditioning and fitness goals, One Step at a time!




Pre-New Year’s Resolution Special

This Special will not be around for long – don’t miss this opportunity to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolution with this amazing offer!

Offer valid on any 6 or 12 Month Membership.  First Month for only $20.18 – includes Start Up Fees!  This is a limited time offer and will not be available January 2018 – get started today, before this offer expires and prices go up!


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Memberships are available to run month-to-month or SAVE with a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment! Individual Memberships may be purchased online and at the Fitness Center.  Discounted Memberships for additional family members, students, senior citizens, first responders and military are available at the Fitness Center.

Individual Memberships





Purchase Individual Memberships HERE

Family Memberships

Family Memberships are perfect for keeping the entire family fit, a great deal and are available to purchase at the Fitness Center.  The first Family Member will be available on one of the above Individual Membership Plans.  The second Family Member has a Start Up Fee of $15 plus tax and a Monthly Membership Fee of $19 plus tax. Additional Family Members, after the first two, have no Start Up Fees and have a Monthly Membership Fee of $9 plus tax.

Discounted Memberships

Achieve! Fitness Center is proud to offer Discounted Membership Plans to Military, First Responders, Senior Citizens, and Students starting at 10% off Start Up Fees and Monthly Membership Fees.  All discounted Membership Plans are available at the Fitness Center.  Stop by and ask us about these special rates!

All prices are subject to change.  All Memberships roll into month-to-month commitments once the initial Commitment Date is met, until cancelled.  Prices will be locked-in until initial Commitment Date and are subject to change once Membership rolls to month-to-month commitment.  For information concerning canceling or freezing your Membership see your Membership Agreement or our Refund Policy.

All Members must be at least 12 years old. If less than 18 years old a parent or legal guardian must complete registration and sign the Membership Agreement and Waiver.

Personal Training


Personal Training Packages

Start with a single Training Session – 60 minutes with a certified Personal Trainer – or SAVE by selecting a Personal Training Package with multiple Training Sessions. Rates are available for non-Members.  60 minute Training Sessions can be divided into two 30 minute sessions at the request of the trainee.  Training Sessions may be purchased online or at the Fitness Center.  

Additional Trainees may be added to Training Sessions for a fee.  Individual and groups of two can be purchased online or at the Fitness Center.  All other groups can be purchased at the Fitness Center.

Training Sessions will be scheduled with the Personal Trainer and are subject to schedule availability.

Purchase Personal Training Packages




Purchase Personal Training Packages

Upgrade Your Membership to Include Personal Training

Upgrade your Achieve! Fitness Center Membership by adding Personal Training Sessions to you Membership.  Upgrade at a discounted rate per Training Session and are available at 1, 4 or 8 sessions per month! Training Sessions will be billed monthly in addition to your monthly Membership payment.  Upgrade packages run the entire length of your Membership Commitment.  Upgrades are available at the Fitness Center.

Achieve! Fitness Center Membership Personal Training Upgrades

Group Personal Training

Train with a small group, 2 to 5 trainees.  Have fun and save!  Choose overall fitness, weight loss, toning, or bring your Team Members and train for your specific sport!  Group Training Packages can be purchased at the Fitness Center.

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CYBER Fitness Challenge

CYBER Fitness Challenge

21 Day Fitness Challenge at Home!   Ready to start your Fitness Plan but no time for the gym, not sure how to get started?  Looking for a way to supplement your gym workouts with workouts from home?  NO PROBLEM! The Achieve! CYBER Fitness Challenge is perfect for you!

  • 21 days,

  • 12  Challenging, Full-Body, Training Workouts provided, 4 per week,

  • Delivered to you electronically, No Gym Membership Required!

  • You complete workouts at home – on your schedule!

Improving your fitness, losing some of those extra pounds, and trying on a new fit lifestyle – all from the comfort of home!

The NEXT CYBER Fitness Challenge will begin soon!

Don’t miss it – Sign Up Now!

Sign Up for CYBER Fitness Challenge HERE

Challengers will be equipped with…

  • 12 challenging, well thought out, full-body workouts, 4 per week of the Challenge – to be completed at your home – all workouts designed for an effective full-body workout.  No gym, no equipment required.

  • Nutritional Guidance of a general nature.  Nutrition is an important element of fitness.

Challengers will be expected to…

  • Set a goal, complete the workouts, and track their fitness progress.

  • Join the private Facebook Group created for the Fitness Challenge to receive updates, workout outlines, and general nutritional guidance.

12 Challenging Workouts with Instructions, Nutritional Guidance, Accountability –  Over a $250 value, NOW for only $39 plus tax with this Challenge!

Sign Up for CYBER Fitness Challenge HERE

Online Purchase Assistance:

  1. Click on the link above “Sign Up for CYBER Fitness Challenge HERE”

  2. Register your account

  3. Select the “Buy+” tab

  4. Select “Sessions” tab

  5. Select “Fitness Challenge” – Cyber Fitness Challenge

  6. Complete the purchase

Other Information:

All sales are final, no refunds will be given.  Successful results are not guaranteed and are dependent upon your participation and commitment to proper nutrition and challenging workouts!  No gym membership required.

Your Fitness is an ongoing process – the Cyber Fitness Challenge will be a great Jump Start to your fitness.  Overall fitness, including muscle gains and weight loss, takes time and sustained effort.  Get started, or re-started, with our Challenge!


You are solely responsible for determining if you are physically fit and/or adequately skilled for fitness center activities. It is always advisable, especially if the participant is pregnant, suffers from an underlining medical condition, takes medication, smokes cigarettes, has a family history of coronary disease, or has recently suffered an illness, injury or impairment, to consult a physician before undertaking any fitness center activity.  Nutrition is a critical element to health, fitness and weight control.  Achieve! Fitness Center is not aware of participant’s health or dietary needs and is unable to provide a specific meal plan.  Nutritional guidance, of a general nature, provided as part of the Challenge cannot be the substitute for the advice and/or direction or your nutritionist or physician.