Personal Training


Personal Training Packages

Start with a single Training Session – 60 minutes with a certified Personal Trainer – or SAVE by selecting a Personal Training Package with multiple Training Sessions. Rates are available for non-Members.  60 minute Training Sessions can be divided into two 30 minute sessions at the request of the trainee.  Training Sessions may be purchased online or at the Fitness Center.  

Additional Trainees may be added to Training Sessions for a fee.  Individual and groups of two can be purchased online or at the Fitness Center.  All other groups can be purchased at the Fitness Center.

Training Sessions will be scheduled with the Personal Trainer and are subject to schedule availability.

Purchase Personal Training Packages




Purchase Personal Training Packages

Upgrade Your Membership to Include Personal Training

Upgrade your Achieve! Fitness Center Membership by adding Personal Training Sessions to you Membership.  Upgrade at a discounted rate per Training Session and are available at 1, 4 or 8 sessions per month! Training Sessions will be billed monthly in addition to your monthly Membership payment.  Upgrade packages run the entire length of your Membership Commitment.  Upgrades are available at the Fitness Center.

Achieve! Fitness Center Membership Personal Training Upgrades

Group Personal Training

Train with a small group, 2 to 5 trainees.  Have fun and save!  Choose overall fitness, weight loss, toning, or bring your Team Members and train for your specific sport!  Group Training Packages can be purchased at the Fitness Center.

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